AGF PRODUCKTION is the label and production unit of Antye Greie-Ripatti aka AGF aka poemproducer

AGF PRO 001 artist: QUIO, work: GAZON GASOLINA, year: 2005, format: 12 inch
AGF PRO 002 artist: AGF, work: WESTERNization COMPLETed, year: 2005, format: CD digipack
AGF PRO 003 artist: AGF/DELAY, work: EXPLODE year: 2005, format: CD booklet
AGF PRO 004 artist: QUIO, work: LIKE OOOH!, year: 2005, format: CD
AGF PRO 005 artist: Zavoloka & AGF, work: Nature Never Produces The Same Beat Twice, year: 2006, format: CD Nexsound
AGF PRO 006 artist: LAUB, work: DEINETWEGEN, year: 2007 CD
AGF PRO 007 artist: QUIO, work: PHIU, year: 2007, format: CD
AGF PRO 008 artist: AGF, works: WORDS ARE MISSING, year: 2008, format: CD book
AGF PRO 009 artist: AGF, work: Dance Floor Drachen, year: 2008, format: mp3
AGF PRO 010 artist: AGF/DELAY, work: SYMPTOMS, year: 2009, format: CD, licensed to P-Vine Japan and Bpitch Control Berlin
AGF PRO 011 artist: AGF work: Einzelkaempfer year: 2009, format: CD DigiPack
AGF PRO 012 artist: AGF, work: Head Slash Bauch original year: 2001, 2010 re-relase, format: digital
AGF PRO 013 artist: AGF, work: Filter, 2010 AGF Producktion Re-issues year: 2010, format: digital
AGF PRO 014 artist: Craig Armstrong & AGF, work: Orlando year: 2011, format: CD DigiPack
AGF PRO 015 artist: Various work: Gedichterbe year: 2011, format: CD DigiPack
AGF PRO 016 artist: AGF, work: Beatnadel, year: 2011, format: CD Digisleeve
AGF PRO 017 artist: AGF & Various, work: Kuuntele, year: 2013, format: CD Digisleeve
AGF PRO 018 artist: Greie & Huber work: Ausweg, year: 2014, format: digital
AGF PRO 019 artist: A-symmetry [AGF & TBA], work: I AM LIFE, year: 2014, format: CD Digisleeve
AGF PRO 020 artist: AGF & Various, work: Japanese Poetry Edition, year: May 2015, format: CD book
AGF PRO 021 artist: AGF, work: KON:3p>UTION to: e-[VOL]ution, year: 2016, format: CD Digisleeve
AGF PRO 022 artist: Hai Art & Various, work: Sonic Island year: April 2015, format: CD Book
AGF PRO 023 artist: AGF, work: GREIM EP year: April 2016 format: digital
AGF PRO 024 artist: AGF, work: SOLIDICITY year: 2017, format: digital
AGF PRO 025 artist: AGF, work: SOLID EP year: 2017, format: digital
AGF PRO 026 artist: AGF & Various, work: Dissidentova year: 2018, format: CD Book, digital
AGF PRO 027 artist: AGF, work: ENFYS NEST EP year: 2018, format: digital


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